The team-based, gamified microlearning platform that embeds and reinforces knowledge

A round table meeting table with workers sitting at it, one person standing

Train your team on

  • Leadership
  • Soft skills - empathetic communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management
  • Compliance
  • Appropriate workplace behaviour
A round table meeting table with workers sitting at it, one person standing

What is Yarno?

Yarno is a team-based microlearning platform that uses bite-sized learning content, gamification, and cognitive science to help embed information and improve your team's performance.

Yarno has a range of off-the-shelf learning campaigns, specifically designed for the modern workplace. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

Mental Health Victoria
Grant Broadcasters

"The program is fantastic in that if it thinks that you are missing some knowledge, it is able to construct the quizzes to promote learning in that particular area."

Field salesperson
Grant Broadcasters



average increase in team performance

Training in only 3 minutes a day

Change behaviours

Help your team put training material into practice and change their approach workplace problems.

Start the conversation

Increase interest in training and keep employees engaged by getting the conversation started.

Reinforce knowledge

Improve and maintain performance through ongoing training and create lasting learning.

Measure return on investment

Know you’re getting the most out of your training investment with Yarno, for your business and team.

Mental Health Victoria

Mental Health Victoria is the peak body for mental health in Victoria. They work with a wide range of organisations to help improve the broader Mental Health service system. They used Yarno to upskill their remote mental health support workers in ‘Recovery-oriented Psychosocial Disability’ capabilities, i.e. the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective support to people with mental ill health (Psychosocial Disability) as part of the NDIS program.  

Not only did their workers feel more confident in their role, but learner performance increased by 21%. Read the full case study here.

Two women talking with their phones

“As a long time traditional trainer and educator I was initially dubious about the educational benefits of ‘learning by quiz’. After seeing Yarno in action I am now sold on mobile learning and amazed at how powerful a learning tool and a few carefully constructed questions can be!”

Senior training project officer
Mental Health Victoria



of employees feel more confident in their role.

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