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Winning Group increases sales by up to 40% using Yarno


We're excited that Winning Appliances and Appliances Online have seen an uplift of between 20% to 40% in sales since using Yarno.

Chris Tan

Learning and Development Manager at Winning Group

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  • Winning Group is a multi-award-winning fourth-generation Australian family-owned business, whose brands include Winning Appliances, Appliances Online, Winning Services, and more. They cover everything from home renovations to replacing your fridge and they get it all to you with their award-winning logistics and installation team.

    The Challenges


    Distributed workforce

    Winning Group teams are a mix of deskless and desk-based team members. You've got Winning Services teams out on the road, providing delivery, installation, and warehousing, Winning Appliances sales teams spread out across different retail stores across Australia, and Appliances Online teams working from their desks to get your orders processed. Winning Group needed a solution that was easily accessible and could provide learning just in time for everyone.


    Increase product knowledge

    With such a dispersed workforce and a wide range of products and processes, it can be tricky to assess the level of knowledge each team member has. Winning Group needed something to give them visibility of what their team members know and what they don’t know. This information would then help plug knowledge gaps in product features and customer service processes.

    Tracy doing Yarno at her desk

    How Yarno addressed these challenges

    Yarno provided them with a gamified, team-based learning platform that Winning Group team members could use on any device – wherever was most convenient to them – and instantly access their learning. The team enjoyed the short-form nature of the training, answering three questions a day, instead of doing 30-minute-long toolboxes from a supplier on particular product items.

    The Winning Group uses a combination of Yarno’s features: embed and burst campaigns across a number of topic areas.

    Key results

    • Increase in sales of between 20% and 40% for Winning Appliances and Appliances Online.

    • 30% decrease in costs relating to expenses, such as property damage of between across the group.

    • A 94.86% learner engagement rate*.

      *The percentage of unique learners that have engaged with the platform over the last 3 months.

    Ongoing Yarno usage

    Winning Group continues to run Yarno campaigns in different areas of the business as a way to identify product knowledge gaps and to give managers vital statistics on which areas of the business need more training resources applied.

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