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Product release: June 2017

Gather 'round, folks! The first Yarno product release is packed with some pretty exciting new features that we're sure our customers will love. Dig in! 
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4 learning principles that drive Yarno

Yarno was built around a few key principles in the hope that we could help solve problems that modern learners face at work. In this post, we dive into the learning research that makes the magic happen.
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Why Yarno isn't a LMS

Yarno was purpose built to do things that a Learning Management System (LMS) can’t. We take look at why Yarno's different and how it benefits you. 
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Bloom's 2 sigma problem: a summary

We believe learning should be challenging, fun and exciting. Bloom's research demonstrates the importance of mastery on performance - to provide the most rewarding learning experience.
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The Yarno story

It’s been 18 months since Mark and I first had the idea for Yarno, and we’re now ready to start working on it full time. Are we ready? No idea but we’re about to find out! 
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How to solve any problem by asking why 5 times

More often than not things don’t go as you planned. Assets are delivered late, a key piece of functionality isn’t working or there just isn’t enough time. You need a way to find out what happened - so it doesn’t happen again. 
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Why we work a 4 day week

We started a new business, with no customers and no income. And we decided to reduce our working time by 20% each week. Sounds like a plan to fail, even to me! So why'd we take the risk?
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3 questions walk into a bar

What, Why and How walk into a bar. Which is funny because usually it’s just How by himself. How comments that it’s so nice for all 3 of them to be together. What and Why agree and say that they’re just happy to be included. Usually they’re totally left out.
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