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Tracy doing Yarno at her desk

Product update: campaign feedback & NPS

Recent product updates on how we collect campaign feedback from learners.

Stephanie Price, 2 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Claudia speaking at a meeting

Shaping the future: How learning helps us embrace unprecedented change

Five themes from the recent AHRI and Melbourne Business School Shaping the Future report.

Lachy Gray, 3 minute read
Lachy Gray
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Yarno's first beehive report of 2024

We're excited to share the first Yarno beehive report of the year. Our buzzy little friends are working hard!

Holly Eggers, 3 minute read
Holly Eggers
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How Yarno is improving content creation

Yarno is making the content creation process more efficient, with recent product changes and upcoming changes on the roadmap.

Stephanie Price, 2 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Retail store scene

Traditional learning methods are failing: How new techniques can succeed

Yarno co-founder, Mark Eggers, shares his insights on the learning landscape with Inside Retail Australia

Mark Eggers, 3 minute read
Mark Eggers
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AI robot and stack of books

Experimenting with GenAI

Yarno's MD, Lachy shares his experience experimenting with GenAI

Lachy Gray, 2 minute read
Lachy Gray
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Seneca rocket launching

New product release alert: enhancing the effectiveness of Yarno campaigns

Announcing big updates to the Yarno app to help admins enhance the effectiveness of Yarno campaigns.

Stephanie Price, 3 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Navigating Diversity and Inclusion: Practical Strategies for a Vibrant Workplace Culture in 2024

Explore Yarno's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in 2024, uncovering practical strategies and the imperative for fostering inclusive workplaces

Jack Price, 3 minute read
Jack Price
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Elevation: the learning trends of 2023 and our predictions for next year’s level-up

A wrap-up of the learning trends from 2023 ranging from AI to wellbeing, and a sneak peek into what’s coming up in 2024 (hint: AI again).

Sally Reay, 3 minute read
Sally Reay
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Our journey to SOC 2 Type 2

Yarno has achieved SOC 2 Type 2, demonstrating our commitment to best practice information security and privacy.

Lachy Gray, 5 minute read
Lachy Gray
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Learning campaign

Yarno tips & tricks: Yarno Campaigns

Handy tips & tricks on what is a Yarno campaign, the different types and stages of campaigns, and how learners get access to campaigns to start learning.

Stephanie Price, 2 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Dangling carrot

Unlocking motivation in workplace learning: a playbook for L&D managers 

We get into the nuts and bolts of motivation and how L&D managers can harness both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to create better learning experiences for employees (and in turn, get better business results).

Mark Eggers, 3 minute read
Mark Eggers
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We'd love to chat about how Yarno can benefit your business

Mark Eggers

Mark, our Head of Sales, will organise a no-obligation call with you to understand your business and any training challenges you’re facing. Too easy.