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Blackmores achieves Yarno's highest-ever participation rate for a first campaign at 94%!

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94% of people got involved and participated. That's pretty unheard of in L&D and the uplift we saw was 20% which is phenomenal.

Tom Bailey

Head of Capability

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  • Who are they?

    Blackmores is Australia’s leading natural health company. Based on the vision of founder Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977), they are passionate about natural health and inspiring people to take control of and invest in their wellbeing. They develop high-quality products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on their expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients.

    The Challenges


    Increase financial knowledge

    Blackmores wanted to address their sales team's understanding of financial and commercial acumen, (which can be quite a dry subject!). They were looking for an innovative solution to deliver the content and have a bit of fun with it. They also wanted to ensure they embedded the knowledge and helped achieve positive sales outcomes.


    Distributed workforce

    The Blackmores sales team is disparate – they work in several different countries and speak several different languages. It is also a large team – with nearly 200 salespeople to upskill. They needed a solution that was easily accessible from anywhere across the globe and could translate the content from English into Chinese and Thai so that each country could learn in their own language.

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    How Yarno addressed these challenges

    As part of the Sprouta ecosystem, Yarno worked with Blackmores' sales team to do their training a bit differently, focusing on the team-based learning approach and gamification elements (like leaderboards and badges) to drive up engagement. Using an innovative platform like Yarno enabled the learning to be fun, with the use of GIFs and memes helping them to cut through the normal business language used, especially when dealing with a dry topic like financial acumen. And, being competitive (like most sales teams) they loved that they could compete with their peers!

    From July 2023 to April 2024, five microlearning campaigns were delivered via Yarno to over 200 Blackmores learners across 28 teams in Australia and Southeast Asia.

    We are thrilled to have Yarno as a partner in our Sprouta Ecosystem. We knew Yarno would be a good fit with Blackmores given the results they have delivered with our other clients. Yarno is a fun and engaging quiz-based platform that uses gamification and team-based learning to embed knowledge and increase engagement. Its combination of technology, expertise, and service delivers results to our clients, every time.

    Leonie Rothwell

    Sprouta Co-founder

    Key results

    • 94% participation rate – Blackmores now holds the record for Yarno's highest-ever participation in a first campaign (previously 89%).

    • 91% completion rate - this is outstanding! Yarno's average completion rate is 85%.

    • 20% uplift in performance. This represents a significant improvement in learner knowledge as the campaign progressed.

    • Learners rated their experience as 4 out of 5 stars and provided incredibly positive qualitative feedback.

    Learner feedback

    Ongoing Yarno usage

    Blackmores Australia continues to run Yarno campaigns in different areas of the business as a way to increase knowledge and reach their disparate workforce. An example includes Work Health and Safety across their four sites within Australia. The Yarno campaigns will focus on compliance and safety for all staff who work within these sites, with topics such as manual handling, forklift safety and incident awareness.

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