The Make it Work Podcast is back for series 2!

Lachy Gray, 5 min read

Developing your leadership style for the future of work.

The Make it Work podcast is all about the future of work and how leaders need to adapt. Karen and Lachy are lending their leadership expertise to tackle some of the biggest questions in the workplace right now.

In series 2, Karen Kirton and Lachy Gray explore what the future of work looks like, and how as leaders we need to adapt.

Through these conversations we aim to give you some thought provoking ideas and practical take-aways that you can use to future-proof your organisation.

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Episode 1: How do rules affect decision-making in the workplace?

In the workplace, having rules in place can often alleviate the stress of the decision making process, and give visibility across a team. But what happens when a rule becomes outdated, and starts to cause more problems than it solves?

Episode 2: Navigating mental health at work

Being proactive about mental wellbeing is so important. Having plans and resources such as EAP available that provide support to you and your staff will help, but what are the next steps? How can you ensure your team feels supported and comfortable without over-stepping the boundaries?

Episode 3: The boundary between overachieving and strong leadership

Surely being an overachiever is paramount to running a business. Leaders are often tasked with generating passion and energy and fuelling business growth. But, recent research from the Harvard Business Review may indicate otherwise. Are overachievers damaging their workplace with what is actually their main strength?

Episode 4: Keeping a cool head and an open mind

At some point or another, we’ve all had conversations with people with strong beliefs. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s easy to get defensive, or angry, when coming against an opposing belief. But what if you could take a step back, and approach the conversation with empathy and an open mind? Would that change the outcome of your conversation?

Episode 5: Who is responsible for workplace culture?

Where does the responsibility for building culture fall? On the leader? On the HR department? On everyone in the team?

Episode 6: Talking about mental wellbeing with special guest Kaylene Wynn

In this very special episode of Make it Work, Lachy and Karen welcome special guest Kaylene Wynn.

Kaylene has over 20 years of experience working as a transpersonal psychotherapist and executive mind coach, and she’s the author of Rise and Shine - Awaken your Greatest Self.

Together, they talk about the importance of workplace wellness and strategies for mental wellness, both for leaders looking out for their team, and for when leaders might be feeling a bit of burnout themselves.

Episode 7: Retaining staff through the "Great Resignation" and the explosion of gig economy

You’ve heard it everywhere: the ‘Great Resignation’ is upon us. Employees are dropping out of the mainstream workforce to pursue freelance work or working gigs. 

So how can business owners ensure they keep their people when the gig economy continues to rise as an attractive option?

Episode 8: Returning to work in a (somewhat) COVID-normal world

Most workplaces are navigating the return to the office, but this might not suit everyone who had grown accustomed to their more flexible work-from-home lifestyle. On the other side, the office may look entirely different from how we left it almost 2 years ago!

As we begin to approach ‘COVID-normal’, what does this mean for work?

Lachy Gray

Lachy Gray

Lachy's our Managing Director. He's our resident rationalist and ideas man. He also reads way too many books for our liking.

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