How does More LOL = More Learn?

Mark Eggers, 1 min read

GIFs and memes are awesome. But not for the reasons you are probably thinking. I’m talking about gif’d up learning content here!

If a learner is having trouble paying attention to the learning content, there is a tendency to blame the learner. But let's look at it a different way: why isn't the content engaging enough for the learner?

Training modules that are boring are simply not going to teach anything!

So how are we going to get their attention? With a good old joke, of course! Making sure there is a healthy amount of LOL in your learning will make it much easier for learners to engage, recall information, and actually enjoy the learning process.

Breaking down difficult concepts into understandable and relatable language (and accompanied with a GIF of Michael Scott!) will keep a smile on your learner's face, and remove the tension of the learning environment.

At Yarno, we make sure we include GIFs and memes to help engage the learner and make that knowledge stick.

Mark Eggers

Mark Eggers

Mark heads up the Sales team at Yarno. He loves to chat, which is fortunate because he’s very good at it. He's our digital Swiss Army Knife, always armed with a solution to any problem.

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