Epic CX case study: Pal's Sudden Service

Mark Eggers, 1 min read

Epic CX case study: Pal's Sudden Service

You've probably never heard of them, but Pals' Sudden Service are the best of the best in the customer service game.

They're a drive-through fast food service getting 5 stars across all categories:

1. When ordering, a customer spends an average of 18 seconds at the drive-up window, and 12 seconds at the handout window to receive their order.
2. Pal's isn't just crazy quick - they're also insanely accurate. Pal's makes a mistake only once in every 3,600 orders.
3. Pal's hires for attitude and trains for skills - once they've got the right people on board, they then invest 120 hours of training into new onboards before they're allowed to work on their own.
4. Their turnover is also absurdly low - in 33 years of operation, only seven general managers have left the company voluntarily.

I'm obsessed with these guys. Low turnover, excellent customer service - they're insanely good. For me, they're the best of the best. But I'm curious - have you seen any companies that do CX even better than these guys?

Mark Eggers

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