Understanding campaign feedback

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What is the purpose of campaign feedback in Yarno?
  • When is campaign feedback gathered?
  • How do I view campaign feedback?
  • Why does campaign feedback look different on older campaigns?

What is the purpose of campaign feedback in Yarno?

Yarno is not just a ‘tick the box’ learning platform — it is designed to instil and cement knowledge in learners, influencing behaviour change over time and creating real business results for our customers. 

Campaign feedback is targeted at collecting helpful, practical insights into how Yarno campaigns and the Yarno platform are working from the learner’s perspective. These insights can be used to guide future training plans, and are regularly reviewed by the Yarno team to inform new features for the Yarno product. 

When is campaign feedback gathered?

Campaign feedback is gathered via a 3 question survey to learners that asks:

  1. How would you rate your overall experience of this campaign? (1-5)
  2. What have we done well? What can we improve? (free text)
  3. What would you like to see in the future? (free text)
campaign feedback survey

Learners are prompted to complete this survey in-app and via email on completion of a campaign:

  • If a learner completes all the questions in a campaign, they will be taken immediately to the campaign feedback survey in-app
  • If a learner does not complete the campaign or skips the feedback survey, they will receive an email asking them to complete the survey once the campaign is over

How do I view campaign feedback?

Campaign feedback is summarised in Yarno post-campaign reports (PCRs), provided by your CSM at agreed intervals or on request. PCRs include:

  • Learner responses to the first question, averaged to provide an average rating for the campaign (out of 5)
  • Key comments and insights extracted from free text responses. 

Some accounts (part of a feature test group) will also see campaign feedback in-app, as a tab in the campaign dashboard. This tab appears after the campaign is completed, and includes the campaign’s average rating and the full list of free text responses. 

Why does campaign feedback look different on older campaigns?

We made changes to how campaign feedback in Yarno looks in early 2024, which have applied to campaigns starting after the date the changes were implemented. 

On older campaigns started prior to the changes:

  • Learners gave a response out of 10 to the question, “How likely are you to recommend this campaign to a colleague”
  • Responses were summarised into a Net Promoter Score (NPS), which ranged from -100 to +100
  • There was a single free text field for learners to provide additional comments