Embed vs Burst Campaigns

In this article, we'll cover:

  • What is a Yarno Embed campaign?
  • What is a Yarno Burst campaign?
  • How to set up a Yarno Embed or Yarno Burst campaign 

What is a Yarno Embed campaign?

Embed campaigns are designed to instil and cement knowledge, as well as influence behaviour change over a longer period. 

A Yarno Embed campaign can be characterised by having: 

  • Questions spread out over a number of days, with learners receiving a batch of two to three new questions each day. 
  • These questions will then be repeated a few days later to help the learner retain the knowledge. This is called spaced repetition.
  • As the learner will only receive a few questions at a time, it means these campaigns will go on for longer. Embed campaigns will generally last around two to three weeks once they're underway (this is not including the warmup period).
  • Learners will receive a few 'Primer' questions before the campaign starts to gauge how much they know before the campaign starts. They will then receive those same questions after the campaign has finished to gauge how much they have learned from the campaign.

Why use an Yarno Embed campaign:

  • Reinforce sales knowledge and processes
  • Induction and onboarding
  • Safety and technical process knowledge
  • Retail product and sales knowledge

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What is a Yarno Burst campaign?

Burst campaigns are best suited in situations where you need to relay important, time-sensitive information over a shorter period of time.

A Yarno Burst campaign can be characterised by the following features:

  • The Learner will receive all the questions at once, meaning there are no repeats and no spaced repetition.
  • Generally fewer questions than an Embed 
  • The campaign is set to run for a specific length of time, and Learners can answer the questions at any point within that window.
  • There are no Primer questions for a Burst campaign.

Why use a Yarno Burst campaign:

  • Pre, during or post induction
  • Quick compliance knowledge check-ups
  • Critical safety breach information
  • Refresher training post or between face-to-face training sessions
  • New product and event knowledge

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How to set up a Yarno Embed or Burst campaign

  • Login to Yarno and use the menu in the top right to "Enter Admin"
  • Select the campaigns tab from the Yarno admin portal, and click on 'NEW CAMPAIGN'.
  • Select between an "embed" and a "burst" campaign.

For more information on how to create a new campaign, you may check this article.