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Another product release post? I know – it’s been a busy month!

Our customers are beginning to integrate Yarno further into their organisations (which is amazing!) and are therefore finding new scenarios they’d like to use Yarno in that our current system isn’t the best fit for.

Yarno campaigns can be adapted to suit most scenarios, but we want our customers to have the best experience and get the most out of Yarno as possible. So that’s what we’re working toward – a full-circle learning system. Exciting!

So, the case for Bursts was created!

Simply put, Bursts are a series of specific, targeted Yarno questions delivered to learners for any number of reasons (we’ll get to those a little later).

Questions are the central element of Yarno. They’re versatile and reliable.

Yarno questions can assess anything from basic recall, to identifying knowledge gaps and the application of knowledge.

And when written around solid, behaviour based learning outcomes, Yarno questions are an effective way to improve knowledge and performance.

Question delivery

Questions are usually delivered in a campaign format and reinforced over time. With Bursts, questions will be delivered in...well, bursts.

What need does Bursts solve?

While campaigns are a fantastic way to introduce and embed knowledge over time, and to shape employee behaviours, some information needs to be communicated to employees quickly.

The use cases for Bursts are plentiful, and I’m sure there are some that we haven’t even heard of yet. To hopefully make it relatable for everyone, I’ll go into a few applications that we’ve seen pop up with current and potential customers.

Where will Yarno customers use Bursts?

Pre-hire assessment tool

During the hiring process, HR and management may want to send a burst of Yarno questions to candidates. The primary focus here is on to check key knowledge quickly and consistently across applicants – knowledge that may uncover more than the candidate’s CV.



Having a pre-induction burst to check current knowledge has the potential to save time for both the new employee and the company.

During induction

In some companies, inductions will span over several days. And unfortunately, some information may be forgotten between sessions. Having a burst of Yarno questions that checks which new employees are across the day’s content will help the facilitator focus their efforts on the areas that need it most.

Post induction

Naturally, some induction information does get forgotten. And that’s okay – as long as there’s a system in place to refresh it over time. Note that I’m not talking about the same thing as reinforcement in a regular Yarno campaign, but more of a quick refresher of simple fact and procedure.


In the transport industry, for example, compliance and safety breaches are sometimes life-threatening – and important information needs to be disseminated across staff quickly.

Further, bursts will be an effective way to ensure drivers have completed all compliance questions before stepping into the truck – lowering the liability for the company and providing evidence in the event of an incident.

Refresher training

It’s difficult to know what people have and haven’t absorbed from face-to-face training and traditional eLearning modules. We’ve got customers across industries that are looking at using bursts as targeted refresher training between facilitated sessions – this way, managers can keep on top of knowledge gaps in their teams.

New product and event knowledge

Hospitality and retail workers are notoriously busy. Their work environments regularly constantly change and often have varied product lines and menus. Further, most workers in this space work staggered shifts – which makes it challenging to consistently get staff across new information. Using Bursts is a more effective way of keeping staff up to date than say, a lengthy email or a print-out in the staff room.

Sales coaching

One of our customers, a sales coach, has a fortnightly check-in with salespeople. During each fortnightly period, the salespeople are asked to refresh themselves on certain topics that are to be covered in the next coaching conversation. For a variety of reasons, this doesn’t happen. Launching Yarno bursts are an efficient way of both the sales coach and his clients to get the most out of their time together.

Scaffolding knowledge

The same sales coach would like to present knowledge sequentially, to create a ‘course’ of sorts. This would be necessary when structure is needed – when previous topics must be built upon in order to build the learner's knowledge to foundational, to knowledgeable to mastery.

We're super excited to see our customers use Bursts, and the creative applications that the feature's flexibility provides.

Bursts will be released in October, so if you'd like to chat to us about how your company can use Yarno to round-out your learning strategy, get in touch with us!

Erin McGee

Erin McGee

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