About the Learning Library

In this article we'll cover:

  • What is the Learning Library?

What is the Learning Library?

While we consider every Yarno campaign as an opportunity for participants to learn, we've created our Learning Library to take those learnings even further. 

Yarno's Learning Library allows you to save all of your important information, training and instructional notes in one easily accessible place. Once unlocked, you can create articles filled with copy, tables, imagery and videos as well as link to supporting resources online, like blogs or downloadable pdfs. 

Screenshot of Learning Library article edit view

Articles can be organised into groups, where, a main article (or "parent" article) can have sub-articles organised beneath them ("children" articles). 

Screenshot of Learning Library page in Admin portal

You can even leverage the Learning Library as an additional resource for your campaigns by linking question explanations to specific articles. The possibilities are endless!

Chat with the Yarno team about unlocking the Learning Library feature for your account or if you already have the feature start creating new articles with help from our dedicated pageHappy writing!