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Stephanie Price, 2 min read

Creating engaging and accurate training content is one of the most critical parts of preparing an effective learning campaign – but can also be one of the most time-intensive. Our goal at Yarno is to make this process as seamless as can be, and help to create fun content that prompts your team to employ active recall, reinforces knowledge and results in learning that lasts beyond training and into practice.

This article looks at some of the ways we’re making the content creation process more efficient, including recent product changes and upcoming changes on the roadmap.

Yarno’s dedicated content team

Our experienced content team is available every step of the way to help guide you in developing the best learning campaigns possible, including through:

  • Yarno-written content: where customers choose to have Yarno write a campaign, our team will work collaboratively with you to plan the campaign, write quiz questions and explanations, and create engaging multimedia to make the learning fun.
  • Best practice coaching: if you choose to write your own content, our content team will take you through our best practice content creation workshop to help you create your own Yarno questions.
  • Resources and templates: our content team puts out helpful guides on best practices for learning content (such as this one on campaign goal statements!), and provides templates for how to structure content to create meaningful results.

New product features: Draft questions, comments & content admins

We’ve made some big updates recently to the way content is created in Yarno, introducing:

  • Draft questions: questions are often written in stages, starting from an idea and coming back to flesh out the content, details and fun elements over time. Our new draft questions feature acknowledges this reality and helps prevent any chance of accidentally adding an incomplete question to a campaign. For more info on draft questions, check out our support article here!
  • Question comments: we love to see our customers collaborating on content creation in Yarno, and we’ve added the ability to leave comments on our questions to help facilitate those discussions - whether it’s a drafting note, a request to a team member, or Yarnoer for assistance, or leaving notes while reviewing for an upcoming campaign. You can find more on comments here.
  • Content admins: it can take a village to create a great campaign, and sometimes it’s useful to get people involved in the content creation process from outside of the core training team. We have created a new role for these subject matter experts called ‘content admin’, which gives them access to create and edit questions (and Learning Library articles) without granting access to any sensitive personal data like learner lists or campaign results. To see how to add content admins to an account, check out the support article here.    

A demonstration of the question comments feature in Yarno

What’s on the roadmap?

Content creation in Yarno is one of our key product focuses this year, and there’ll be lots to look forward to, including:

  • An easier and more visual way to review groups of questions, and track the progress of questions throughout the content creation process
  • Easier ways to share draft content with the relevant people who need to review it
  • More in-app resources to help with content creation, including guides, templates, and maybe even some AI magic 🪄
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Stephanie Price

Stephanie Price

Steph is our product manager extraordinaire. She's turning Yarno into a world-class product one feature at a time. She keeps us on track while hearing out our big, and even wild, ideas.

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