How is Yarno different from an LMS?

Mark Eggers, 1 min read
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I get asked this question a lot: 'How is Yarno different from an LMS?'

Yarno has a high-touch model that helps customers run campaign-based learning events. By helping our customers with a communications plan and marketing collateral, we make sure learners understand what they're learning, why they're learning it, and how they can make the most out of their Yarno learning campaign.

And, you know what? It's been pretty effective.

We have average completion rates of over 85% of campaigns run within Yarno. Yes, I'm bragging about it!

How have you tried a campaign-based learning approach? Have you found this to be effective?

Mark Eggers

Mark Eggers

Mark heads up the Sales team at Yarno. He loves to chat, which is fortunate because he’s very good at it. He's our digital Swiss Army Knife, always armed with a solution to any problem.

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