Managers' guide to Yarno

In this article, we'll cover:

  • Yarno in a nutshell
  • Why Yarno works
  • What is a Manager at Yarno?

Yarno in a nutshell

Yarno is a gamified microlearning platform that uses fun learning campaigns to transform training into small quiz-based bites.

Using the latest learning science, it's designed to improve Learner performance and is delivered in the form of a daily quiz. 

This is where it gets fun. The data and insights garnered from Yarno can help managers identify where knowledge gaps are, allowing them to direct their learning and development efforts accordingly. 

Why Yarno works

Finding success with Yarno is made easy

  • Make business decisions based on data and insights rather than guesswork.
  • Spaced repetition means learning campaigns are set over an allotted period of time. Participating learners get an email reminder (from our automated system) to participate each day of the campaign, ensuring key concepts and learnings are embedded by the campaign's end.
  • Gamification to boost engagement and make each campaign a memorable one. From the ability to include gifs in the content to leaderboard options that show learner/team performance, Yarno provides an extra dimension to learning and development that makes learning stick, and most importantly, helps you achieve your business outcomes or goals. 

Here is more more information about Why Yarno works.

What is a Manager at Yarno?

Yarno has roles for Team Managers and Group Managers, in addition to the overall Administrator role. 

Team and Group Managers have access to additional reporting about the performance of the Learners in their Team or Group, which is available via Manager Dashboards