The results are in: Supercheap Auto's first Yarno campaign!

Courtney Dutton, 3 min read

The results are in: Supercheap Auto's first Yarno campaign!

A few month’s ago we announced the exciting news that Supercheap Auto (SCA) had joined the Yarno family. Now, we can share the results of one of their first campaigns - and we are very proud to share that it was a corker!

The four week campaign focused on Car Care and Repair. 2,509 SCA team members participated in the campaign, making it one of the largest Yarno campaigns to date!

The campaign

SCA team members across Australia and New Zealand received multiple choice questions, daily, over a 4 week period. Each question was designed to help SCA team members identify any knowledge gaps, and in turn, strengthen their product knowledge within the 'Paint and Panel' category. Ultimately, arming them with the tools to help more customers to find the right products.

The campaign focused on all things technical and practical about the car care products SCA provides; from which products will best remove a nasty scratch from your car, to the safety measures you need to take when spray painting your baby (car that is) that you’ve spent the last 12 months restoring to her former glory.

Due to the vast and technical nature of products available for car care, SCA wanted to impress upon their team members the importance of precise and practical knowledge, to ensure their customers receive the best solution possible.

Content creation

To maximise the chance of campaign success, the SCA project and Yarno content teams worked closely together to craft a total of 46 questions, using a combination of video, text and imagery to build out the explanations and enhance the team member experience.

And, to make this campaign that little bit more special we customised the Yarno platform, using SCA’s branding - their colours, fonts and logos - to create an even more personalised experience for team members. We even had a few SCA characters illustrated!

We’re incredibly proud of this partnership and the results achieved so far. Here are just a few of the amazing outcomes achieved:

  • SCAs customer NPS score in the Paint & Panel category rose 9 points to an all time high!
  • 47% of SCA stores reached their sales targets post-campaign, which amounted to 30% increase in overall sales for that category.
  • Learner completion (% of questions answered from all questions presented) was 83%.

The topics team members performed best in were:

  • Paint matching (97% correct);
  • Filler (92% correct); and
  • Sanding (86% correct).

Here's a look at what the campaign actually looked like from the team members' perspective:

And here is what some of the team members thought:

“We’re properly learning about product information that we commonly sell and we’re given real life scenarios which significantly guide us through assisting customers in person with a lot more depth of knowledge.” – SCA team member

“Great bite-sized, easy to use e-learning tool that will benefit all team members of varying knowledge sets.” – SCA team member

It will be great to compare these results against further Yarno campaigns, to put our spaced repetition principles to the test.

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