Product release notes: July 2021

Stephanie Price, 4 min read
New feature

We are back with some more exciting new changes to the product - this time all targeted at helping customer admins with organising and reviewing their Yarno account. 

Learner drilldown

We know how important it is for admins and team managers to have access to data about campaigns to run them effectively. Admins and managers need to quickly see which learners haven't signed up for a campaign, who has been answering the questions and who has already completed it!

We have made some changes to the Learner Drilldown page to improve the accessibility of this information. The Learner Drilldown page is available from the admin or team manager dashboard for each campaign. The page now presents key information about the campaign clearly at the top, including how many learners have signed up or how many are participating in the campaign. 

You can also click each of these sections to filter the learner list to show only those users, and select an option to show the opposite group (for example learners who have not signed up, or are not participating).

Learner drilldown

When you select a learner, you can also see more detailed information on them (such as their longest streak or strongest topic). The full downloadable drilldown report is also still available, and has had some of this new information added to it. 

Campaign collections, sorting and filters

Some of our customers have been using Yarno for quite some time now, and in that time have run a lot of campaigns. We started noticing that when there were a lot of campaigns listed in an account it could be a bit tricky to find previous campaigns - so we've introduced new sorting and filtering options for the campaign list, as well as a new campaign 'collections' option. 

Campaign collections will allow admins to link campaigns that have similar themes (such as onboarding, or road safety), and identify campaigns that they come back to often to use as templates for future campaigns.

Campaign collections

The new sorting and filter options for the campaign list allow admins to sort campaigns alphabetically or by date, and to filter by collection or for campaigns that ran in a particular date range - so you can find the campaign you're looking for, fast. 

Question collections (and a new name for tags!)

While we're just adding the ability to group campaigns now, admins have had the ability to group Yarno questions for some time. Question tags were introduced to group questions of a particular topic area, and are used in reporting on the Yarno dashboards to show learner performance by topic. 

Some admins have needed to group questions for other reasons though, where performance reporting is not as relevant. For example, you might want to link all the questions used in onboarding campaigns - which would help with finding and reviewing questions, but (since it would apply to every question in a relevant campaign) wouldn't provide any particular insight in an onboarding campaign's reporting. 

To address this secondary need for grouping questions, we are introducing an optional "collections" feature for Yarno questions. This gives the ability to add questions into a collection, providing a link between the questions separate to the existing tags - and not reflected in learner performance reporting.

Question collections

Given we're introducing collections, it was a good time to also update the name for question tags to better reflect what they are meant to be - tags will now be known as "topics" in Yarno, which reflects how they are used for reporting. 

Alongside these changes, we have also updated the sorting and filtering options in the questions list, allowing filtering both by topic or collection (where enabled) and to exclude questions that have expired. 

If you'd like more information about the question collections feature or to have it switched on for your account, speak with your Customer Success Manager. 

Learner CSV download

When admins are adding new learners to Yarno, we give two options - add each learner individually, or upload a list to add a group of learners at once. To help with this bulk upload option, we have a template CSV file available for download that demonstrates the best format to list learners.

Learner drilldown

In addition to that template, we now have a new option for customers who already have learners in Yarno - you can now download a CSV export of your current learner list, in the same format required for bulk upload. This allows you to more easily review offline to check if there are any extra people you want to add - and if there are, the document can be easily updated and reuploaded. Any new learners on the list will then be automatically added into your Yarno account - easy!

Stephanie Price

Stephanie Price

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