Product release notes: August 2019

Bridget McMahon, 3 min read

Product release notes: August 2019

It hasn't been very long since our last product release note, but we've got so many new features already! So, here we go - all the latest Yarno features, below...

Admin campaign dashboard

Our admin campaign dashboard has had a complete makeover. In addition to some pretty significant cosmetic design updates, we've added a couple of shiny new features to check out.

We wanted this dashboard to be a place where admins can get an overview of all their campaigns in one handy location, so we've added more dates and more stats for admins to view at a glance. We even got a bit cute with some colour co-ordination.

The campaign card

Before you click on the campaign dropdown, you'll now find a couple of things listed here. Underneath the campaign name is the start and end date of the campaign followed by the type of campaign (i.e. embed or burst). Then to the right we've added the number of questions and active learners on a campaign.

The arrow on the left allows you to toggle the additional details of a campaign on and off.

Important dates

Now the exciting stuff! In the new details section, you'll find a complete list of key campaign dates. No more trying to remember when exactly invite emails were sent out or when a campaign is due to end - it's all in one convenient spot.

This is where we had a bit of fun with colours. The divider next to the dates actually correspond to the state of the campaign at that particular date. Yellow means warmup, green means active, blue means cool-down and grey means campaign completion. Astute readers may even be wondering "do these colours correspond to the colour of the circle to the left of the campaign name?", and these readers would be right!

Quick view

The quick view shows you a chart of active sessions over the past 30 days, meaning the number of learners who answered a question on that day. You can even hover over each of these bars to see exactly how many learners participated on a particular day.

We've also included the performance and completion percentages so you can get a quick snapshot of how your learners have been going with Yarno.


The buttons to view a campaign dashboard, edit a campaign or delete a campaign live in this spot.

Filter by state

We've added in a campaign state filter to make navigating campaigns even easier. Now you can simply look at all the campaigns in progress, without the extra clutter. The search function still works within these tabs too, so you're able to really control what you're searching for.

That's it for now! Got a question about the Yarno platform? We nerd out over tech talk. Post a comment below, or get in touch here.

Bridget McMahon

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