Product release notes: August 2018

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Every few months we highlight the newest product features that we're excited about.

Here goes!

Previous questions

New browse and search


These screens have received a major facelift and we hope you enjoy their new look as much as we do!

Once you’ve answered a question, you can view the Explanation and Additional materials associated with it at any time via the Previous Questions screen.

Revisiting Explanation screens of questions that you’ve answered incorrectly is an important part of the learning process. We find learners will revisit these screens a few times, often to access the Additional materials and watch a video or read an article.

You can now Browse by topic or search by either topic or question.



New help tool for admins


We've added a handy little help tool to the bottom of every admin screen. Which means you can get help without having to leave the page!

Clicking on the ?, will open a dialog box, asking What can we help you with?


You then type in your query. In this example, we'd like help with writing a question. So we type in question, and a number of results appear.


Clicking on one of the results will open a support article within the same window. Neat!


Clicking the icon in the top right corner of the window will open the support article in a new tab.

And you can also contact us for help, by clicking Send a Message in the bottom right corner of the screen.


View videos within Yarno


One of our most requested features was to watch video within Yarno. We heard you!

YouTube and Vimeo videos now play within Yarno, so you don’t have to jump between tabs and windows.

For more info see how do I add video into Yarno?


Learner search


It’s now easy to find individual learners via the predictive search on the Learners page.

Download results

Individual learner results


Downloadable results are now available for each learner. There are two download options on the Learner results page; by individual campaign or all campaigns.

The results are downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet and include key stats for each campaign such as rank, score, primer performance, completion and performance. Also included is every question the learner has answered, and how they answered it.

Upcoming features


Bursts are a fantastic way to send short, targeted bursts of information to your team. Bursts are different to campaigns in that; they're shorter at around five to ten questions, can be answered in one go and aren't re-presented over time.

For more info see Coming soon: Yarno Bursts!

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