New feature: question specific feedback

Courtney Dutton, 1 min read

New feature: question specific feedback

At Yarno we love getting feedback, especially from our customers! So we've tried to provide a number of avenues for our admins and learners to give us feedback via our platform.

We've traditionally provided two feedback mechanisms:

  1. Platform & general feedback
  2. Campaign (NPS) feedback (though this may be phased out soon)

But now, because we can't get enough of your thoughts, we've added in a new kind: question-specific feedback.

What is question-specific feedback and why have we introduced it?

A lot (over 50%!) of the feedback we get via the general feedback form is related to question content, so we've introduced question-specific feedback so that learners have a better way of giving this type of feedback. For us, it also means we can tie feedback to the specific question. The feedback form is available once a learner has answered a question - the link appears on the question explanation page.

How does it work?

Learners can now give feedback on specific questions by clicking the "Provide question feedback" button that appears on the explanation screen after you've answered a question.

So, now you can give feedback on the content of each specific Yarno question. What's next? Perhaps we'll introduce a feedback-specific feedback tool, so you can give feedback on how you give feedback....

Courtney Dutton

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