3 effective Yarno use cases for your business

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Hopefully by this point, you’ve learned a little about Yarno and what we’re all about. Maybe you’ve even identified an area in your business that you’re going to use Yarno to improve. Super!

Though, if you’re stuck on which campaign you want to run next (or you're considering Yarno and need some inspiration for a use case), we’ve put together a list of common applications of Yarno. There are tonnes of use cases, but today I'll just cover the three major players.

A few standouts include:

  • Onboarding
  • Safety
  • Product knowledge


The first ever Yarno campaign run by a customer was an onboarding campaign – at Mortgage Choice's head office right here in North Sydney.

Starting a new job can be stressful. New faces, new names, new office, new processes, new knowledge - everything is new, and it can be pretty overwhelming.

Using Yarno for onboarding helps transition new hires into their roles by seed a few foundational concepts before they start so that on their first day, they have some background on what we're trying to achieve.

And after induction, Yarno is used to refresh and reinforce knowledge learned in the early stages of a person's role.

We see our customers run induction and onboarding campaigns regularly – which is awesome, 'cause it shows that Yarno is a helpful and indispensible part of their workflow.

For a detailed onboarding campaign case study, check out Mortgage Choice's campaign here.

But, for a totally non-biased Yarnoer's view on using Yarno for onboarding, check out Liam's post and my post on the same topic.


Safety training has historically been yawn-inducing, rarely accessible on mobile and delivered in ineffective methods with minimal (or no) reinforcement.

Which is a little scary, considering that people's lives are literally. at. risk.

We work tireslessly with our customers in the Transportation and Construction industries to keep their workers safe for the long-term – by refreshing important safety knowledge and processes learned in face-to-face training.

And not only is reinforcing knowedge great for memory and long-term retention, it's a reliable source of wisdom when considering compliance and legislatory obligations – like the Chain of Responsibility changes this October in the heavy vehicle industry.

Check out our case study on Ron Finemore Transport, who consistently lead the charge for safety in Australia's transportation industry.

Product knowledge

Yarno is the perfect medium for improving product knowledge (and therefore improving customer satisfaction and sales revenue) – particularly in the sales and retail industries.

The reason for this is simple: salespeople are often distributed, busy and need relevant, targeted information on the go. Both corporate and retail salespeople just don't have the time to sit through module upon module of elearning, or face-to-face training sessions.

Enter Yarno!

Yarno delivers bite-sized quizzes daily to a learners' mobile phone – a very manageable and convenient amount of learning for the busy salesperson.

One of our customers' most successful and well recieved campaigns to date was with a technical sales team from Ecolab, a global hygiene company.

The Ecolab Food & Beverage team completed a 12-week campaign (!) on product knowledge, appropriately matching solutions and creating a valuable experience for their customers. And the campaign was a standout – check out the full rundown in the case study.

And for a slightly different product knowledge campaign... We worked with prestige Australian paint brand, Sikkens, to train Bunnings Warehouse staff on the features, benefits and application of Sikkens products.

The Sikkens campaign was run across Australia, with team members from a whopping 43 teams taking part.

The results were impressive, too! A 7% increase in overall Sikkens sales. Woohoo! Read the full case study here.

So, as you can see, Yarno's a pretty versatile little application – there's really no limit to where you can take Yarno to level up your business. And that excites us!

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