Meet Gary

Site Manager

  • Spends his day managing his team
  • Deals with sub-contractors
  • Focuses on safety and compliance


It’s early and the job site is quiet. Gary grabs his phone and a hot cup of Earl Grey to start the day.


A notification appears - his Yarno quiz is ready! He answers his questions, then watches a quick video on how to deal with hazardous materials on a jobsite.


Gary finishes his questions, answering all 3 questions correctly.

Before he locks his phone, he’s rewarded with a Rocketeer badge for his consistent improvement.


As he’s heading to his ute, Gary comes across a potential hazard. Lucky for him, he recalls his recent safety knowledge and is able to implement the right procedures to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.


Tracey's here for their compliance review, and Gary is bursting to tell her about his team’s shift in mindset since the focus on safety training was implemented.

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