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Courtney Dutton, 1 min read

Part of our end-to-end learning solution at Yarno is video production! We can create high-quality, very useful, not-boring videos to complement your training. Here's the 411:

Why do you make videos?

Yarno is a learning company and because of that, we want to facilitate learning in the myriad ways that people learn. Book-learning is not for everyone. Sometimes you need a bit of sparkle, a bit of shine, a bit of video to make the message really sink in. Being the Digital Swiss Army Knives that we are, we saw an opportunity to integrate video production with our other special skills, and we took it.

What kind of videos do you make?

Good ones!

But more seriously, like everything we do at Yarno, we work from a problem-first standpoint. We work together with our customers to find out what problems they're experiencing, and how we can help fix those problems. If creating a video about a particular topic will help fix a problem, we make that video.

Do you have an example?

We sure do. Click play.

Who do I talk to about having videos made for my business?

If you're one of our Yarno customers, speak to your CSM. If you're not, call or email Mark, our Head of Sales, at 0401 872 305 or mark@yarno.com.au.

Courtney Dutton

Courtney Dutton

Courtney is a fact-finding expert, Instagram connoisseur and the only person we know who can write 1500 words and fix a fence in the same half hour.

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