Why I turned my phone off for 5 whole days

Mark Eggers, 1 min read
Turning phone off

Phone addiction kind of crept up on me.

When I first started working we didn't have emails going to our phones and I just checked them the first thing in the morning.

Now with your inbox just an app icon press away, I've found myself checking emails a few times an hour, even as late as 10pm when I should be relaxing and taking a mental break from work.

So at the end of 2020 I challenged myself to go phone-free for 5 days. It was amazing how many times I went to reach for my phone in the first couple of days. Watch the video to find out a few other things I discovered!

Mark Eggers

Mark Eggers

Mark heads up the Sales team at Yarno. He loves to chat, which is fortunate because he’s very good at it. He's our digital Swiss Army Knife, always armed with a solution to any problem.

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