Team-based learning whitepaper

Holly Eggers, 5 min read
Team-based learning whitepaper

At Yarno, we believe that team-based learning is the future! 

Our definition of team-based learning is:

"A group, instructional strategy that includes teamwork and immediate feedback."

The top 3 benefits of team-based learning are:

  1. It builds relationships and strengthens company culture
  2. It creates more engaging learning experiences and increases completion rates
  3. It promotes development as a team, rather than prioritising the individual team member

Research by global analytics and advice firm, Gallup, has found that employees who are engaged with their team and workplace are more involved and work harder, resulting in 21% higher productivity, and lower rates of burnout and fatigue.

So, pretty important for businesses to factor into their workplace learning strategies! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about why team-based learning is the future of learning, check out our whitepaper!

Click here to download the Team-Based Learning Whitepaper, today.

Holly Eggers

Holly Eggers

Holly is a mother, marketing wiz, feedback guru and all round A+ person. She’s the woman that the Sarah Jessica Parker movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” is based on.

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