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Why microlearning?

At Yarno we're pretty big fans of microlearning - but what are the actual benefits for learners? Check out our top 5 benefits of microlearning.

Ellie Doyle, 2 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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3 reasons why gamification + microlearning = a match made in heaven

Microlearning is perfectly structured to implement elements of gamification. When done correctly, combining the two brings out the best of each. Gamified microlearning is truly a deadly combo (if you’re a knowledge gap).

Ellie Doyle, 4 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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Yarno is a Telstra Best of Business Awards State Finalist!

We are delighted to announce that Yarno has been named a New South Wales State Finalist for Embracing Innovation in the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards.

Holly Eggers, 2 minute read
Holly Eggers
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Tapping Into Great Content; Three ways to connect with the learner

When producing any form of content, it's important to think about how you are connecting with your reader. It's even more important when you're writing training content for a learner.

Jack Turner, 3 minute read
Jack Turner
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Why are 30-45 minute elearning modules so ineffective?

The modern worker has less than 24 minutes per week to learn. Microlearning breaks chunks of learning into bite-sized portions that make it easier to learn on the go.

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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Microlearning whitepaper

Microlearning Whitepaper

Microlearning, as the name suggests, is learning delivered in small doses. Discover why microlearning matters in this downloadable whitepaper.

Holly Eggers, 5 minute read
Holly Eggers
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Microlearning vs macrolearning

Are microlearning and macrolearning mortal enemies? Or, perhaps, are they more yin and yang? Let's find out.

Courtney Dutton, 2 minute read
Courtney Dutton
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Writing a multiple choice quiz? Please, avoid these 5 mistakes

Over the past few years at Yarno, I have (almost) perfected the art of the multiple choice quiz. So today, I'm talking about the most common mistakes made when writing the humble multi-choice.

Erin McGee, 5 minute read
Erin McGee
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3 Common microlearning misconceptions

Microlearning is more than just packing content into bite-sized chunks. Click through to find out the most common microlearning misconceptions.

Carmen Zhu, 3 minute read
Carmen Zhu
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Why bite-sized is best

When it comes to learning, there's a lot to be said for delivering content in small, digestible chunks. Your brain absorbs information better this way, and you might even have time to do it.

Mark Eggers, 4 minute read
Mark Eggers
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Forgot something? It's not your fault – it's the forgetting curve

School seems like so long ago, and everything you learnt has disappeared. Our brains have a forgetting curve. Lucky for you, there's a way to reset it.

Courtney Dutton, 4 minute read
Courtney Dutton
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What's trending in learning 2019

If you haven't noticed we're pretty big fans of learning. So, we were eager to discover what we would expect from learning in the coming year.

Tess Lynch, 5 minute read
Tess Lynch
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