Product release notes: March 2021

Bridget McMahon, min read

Whoah! It's been a minute since our last product update. Ok, maybe a little longer than a minute.... We promise we have been busy working on improvements and new features for the Yarno app, we just forgot to tell you about it!

Here's what's new in the Yarno platform:

5Q streak badges

Gamification is a key part of our product, and is often what keeps learners engaged and motivated. One of the ways we gamify Yarno is by awarding badges to learners who achieve streaks; i.e. answering a number of questions correctly in a row.Previously we had badges for a 10Q streak, 20Q streak and 30Q streak. But you can never have too many badges, right?! So to make things a little more exciting early in a campaign, we've added a 5Q streak badge for learners to add to their collection.

Team managers and groupings

The concept of managers has existed in Yarno for a while now. Previously, managers were assigned to a campaign, meaning that someone marked as a manager could access additional dashboard and reporting information for that particular campaign. However, we found that this this wasn't very reflective of how managers usually operate. In real life, managers do manage campaigns and projects, but most of the time they manage people and teams.

To accommodate this, you can now create team managers in Yarno. Team managers will have access to a new Team Overview page which will give some high-level stats on the team, as well as access to the campaign dashboards for that team.

To make someone a manager, head into the Yarno admin, click on 'Learners' in the navigation, click onto the 'Teams' tab, find the relevant team then hit the 'Edit team' button. In the table containing the list of learners currently on that team, you'll see a button labelled 'Make manager'. Simply hit that and voila, you've got yourself a team manager!

You can be a manager of more than one team in Yarno. In fact, you can make someone a manager of as many teams as you'd like.

Edit learners on a burst campaign

You can now add and remove learners from a burst campaign after it has started. Did we just hear you say "FINALLY"? We know, this took a little while and we swear making this possible was harder than it sounds! We had to tweak the way we generate the all-important questions for learners and we had to make sure absolutely everything was working perfectly. After all, without questions the learners would get pretty bored.

Just like with an embed campaign, you can edit learners by going into the Yarno Admin, navigating to 'Campaigns', finding the burst campaign, and clicking on the no-longer-disabled "Edit learners" button.

However, questions are still unable to be edited after a burst has been launched.


You'll know about this one if you subscribe to and read The Yarn, our monthly newsletter (you definitely should). Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events within Yarno and be notified as they happen in real-time.

Imagine this scenario: you have a favourite blog. You go to the blog's website every single day eager to check for new content. It's a bit tedious and you're happy to do it, but wouldn't it be easier if you could just subscribe to a newsletter? Then you can get  regular emails with all the latest content - easy peasy.

Well that's basically what webhooks do, but in app form! If you want to know when a learner verifies their email or answers a question, we'll let you know about it. The data Yarno sends can then be stored within your own internal systems, allowing you to analyse and respond to pieces of data in ways that make sense for your business. No need to log in every day and check the dashboard, or to ask for specific pieces of data from your CSM.

We can send campaign and learner related events. To subscribe to events, you provide a URL and pick a list of 'events' to subscribe to. When an event is triggered, we'll send the event data in a HTTP request straight to the URL provided.You can then do anything you want with this data – notify, automate, go crazy! You can pipe it into a Slack channel if Slack is your thing, or integrate it with your internal systems and software.

This feature isn't for the faint-hearted - it's a little more technical and involved than our other features, so unfortunately it isn't available to customers by default. If this is something that you're interested in, please speak to your CSM about enabling webhooks on your Yarno account. We also recommend chatting to your internal IT or development team about the possibilities with webhooks.

We'll have more product updates soon. In the meantime, earn those badges, manage those teams and launch those campaigns!

Bridget McMahon

Bridget McMahon

Bridget is one of our developers. When she's not busy being the good kind of keyboard warrior, you can catch her taking her dog Rufus for walks or finding top-notch Twitter threads.

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