3 Common microlearning misconceptions

Carmen Zhu, 3 min read

Microlearning… and as one of our lovely learners put it: “Training in bite sized chunks. Hmmmm, delicious.”

At its best, it’s engaging, accessible and extremely informative. But, there are some myths worth busting to ensure that you really take the biggest bite out of the microlearning cookie.

Myth 1: Microlearning is borrrrrring

Sure, traditional training on the job can be tedious, involve sessions which demand a few hours of attention and overwhelm you with information. In any case, you probably wouldn’t associate this with “fun” or be extremely motivated to get stuck into learning. Of course, at Yarno, we’re super mindful of this. That’s why we do our best to deliver microlearning that’s quick to complete, easy to access and most importantly, not boring.

How? Well, firstly, we incorporate gamification principles into our learning platform. This means you’ll be able to track your progress with question streaks, earn badges for performance and also have the opportunity to feature on your team’s leaderboard. We’ve been told time and time again that Yarno encourages fun and friendly competition at work and kick starts awesome conversation, no matter  what your age or experience.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received!

“So far so good..everything about this is better than our campus training modules and website”

“People look forward to logging in each day”

“It is quick and easy for the participants. It also has created discussion within the team.”

“I am 55 years old, was in the motor trade for 36 years. You are never too old to learn new things, I think Yarno is a great idea for all team members.”

Myth 2: There’s a time limit involved.

So yes, I’ve mentioned that microlearning is a quick way to embed learning, but just because the microlearning cookie is delivered in small chunks, does not mean there’s a strict time limit involved! Plus Yarno totally gets it - why add extra stress of a ticking time bomb when you could take an extra moment to work out exactly what the question is asking?

Learning with Yarno usually takes 3 minutes a day. But there’s no harm done if this ticks over to say, 5 minutes! In fact, most keen beans would agree - taking some extra time to Google the answer (sneaky!) or double-checking it with a colleague is completely fine - because at the heart of it, you’re still learning and expanding your knowledge. Our focus still remains on the overall learning experience - goodbye time consuming knowledge cramming. It’s a win for you and a job well done for us!

Myth 3: Microlearning is no match for complex topics

There are drawbacks to any learning approach - and realistically, there will be some intensive topics where microlearning won’t be your first point of call. But that’s not to say that microlearning tools should be simply precluded for complex processes or skill areas.

Microlearning is amazing for reinforcing knowledge after a heavy and complicated course. Check out these use cases with the likes of Google, IBM and Salesforce on how they overcame steep learning curves with personalised and adapted microlearning techniques for their specific needs. The main benefits for microlearning discussed involved its ease of access, time effectiveness and success in refreshing concepts.

If anything, breaking apart some of the key points and takeaways into easily digestible bite sized pieces will allow learners to reflect on and improve their understanding and retain more information. Yummy!

Keen To Get Started?

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To learn about the big impact little bites of learning can have, download our microlearning white-paper.

Carmen Zhu

Carmen Zhu

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