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Courtney Dutton, 2 min read

It’s safe to say we’ve experienced the full spectrum of human emotions in 2020. We kicked it off with drought, then fires, then the rains came giving us a small reprieve before - boom - COVID-19. It has, as they say, been wild.

The emotional whiplash that is 2020 means that mental health is important more now than ever. Luckily, there’s organisations out there working to ameliorate the mental harm.

And one of the best of those organisations is Mental Health Victoria (“MHV”). They’re the peak body for mental health service providers in Victoria. Specialising in public policy and workforce development and training, MHV works to put evidence into policy and practice. They help ensure people living with mental illness access effective treatment and community support to enable them to participate fully in society.

MHV recently developed a Psychosocial Capability Framework for the NDIS Provider Workforce. This framework was then used to create a Workforce Development offering for NDIS workers throughout Victoria. The offering provides resources and training covering the breadth of skills disability workers need, from engagement and relationship building to psychosocial disability capabilities.

And to support and reinforce this framework, MHV has engaged Yarno.

The use of Yarno addresses two critical needs:

  1. Reinforcement: as we all know, humans are a bit forgetful. But, if you repeat and reinforce knowledge, it tends to stick a lot better and become part of our daily habits. Which is why MHV are launching a Yarno microlearning campaign to go along with each of the framework modules - it means that what the disability workers learn, sticks.
  2. Geographical distribution: The framework is designed to reach NDIS workers all over Victoria. It’s a pretty big place. Even without COVID, it’s near impossible to get everyone in a room. It’s a lot more practical and cost-efficient to instead send it straight to your phone.

We’re extremely excited to work with MHV. It’s a great company, serving a great purpose, doing great work. 2020 so far may be a dark past, but MHV is working to make the future brighter. Contributing to that makes us jump out of bed and skip to work (down the hallway) every morning.

Courtney Dutton

Courtney Dutton

Courtney is a fact-finding expert, Instagram connoisseur and the only person we know who can write 1500 words and fix a fence in the same half hour.

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