Make it Work Series 3 - out now!

Lachy Gray, 5 min read

Developing your leadership style for the future of work.

The Make it Work podcast is all about the future of work and how leaders need to adapt. Karen Kirton and Lachy Gray are lending their leadership expertise to tackle some of the biggest questions in the workplace right now.

In Series 3, we’re focusing on growth: growth of ourselves as leaders, growth of our teams, and growth of our business.

Through our conversations (and guest stars!), we aim to give you some thought-provoking ideas and practical takeaways that you can use to future-proof your organisation.

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Episode 1: Should your workplace be your 'family'?

We spend a lot of time at work with our colleagues. It’s not uncommon to hear a workplace referred to as a family - but how does this impact the culture of the workplace?

Episode 2: What does kindness look like in the workplace?

Generally, workplace cultures are described as ‘fast-paced’, or ‘fun’. But, what about ‘kind’? Kindness in the workplace can be difficult to pin down, but Lachy and Karen are up for the challenge! Looking at how we define workplace kindness and whether it's overrated, they bring their leadership experience to dive deep on whether kindness is a necessity or a distraction at work.

Episode 3: How do I set new starters up for success?

You’ve invested so much in the hiring process, yet simply showing a new employee their workspace (or in today’s world, sending them their new laptop) and wishing them well on day one isn’t going to set them up for success.

What does a successful onboarding process look like? How do I ensure new starters feel welcomed and enthusiastic? 

**This is a recording of the live webinar event ‘Set new starters up for success: what to do in the first 30 days’**

Episode 4: Building a sustainable sales process for your business

Special guest Peter Solway is put in the hot-seat in this week’s episode.

An expert in solving B2B sales challenges, Peter is an entrepreneurial sales leader for small businesses. Karen and Lachy discuss with Peter the best ways business owners can build sustainable sales processes and grow their businesses.

Episode 5: How do you set goals in your organisation?

Goals are easy to set but difficult to follow. It’s one thing to set up a goal framework, but then you have to track how you’re going and measure against it - it’s easy to lose track pretty quickly!

A major part of setting goals effectively is making sure they are achievable and measurable. Karen and Lachy explore different goal-setting frameworks, why some goals are more effective than others, and how you can use goal-setting to measure performance, motivate your team, and celebrate wins.

Lachy Gray

Lachy Gray

Lachy's our Managing Director. He's our resident rationalist and ideas man. He also reads way too many books for our liking.

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