EPIC CX: Haigh's Chocolates

Mark Eggers, 1 min read

A couple weeks ago, I walked into Haigh's Chocolates CDB store, certain I was about to ruin someone's day.

I was putting together some hampers for the Yarno team to thank them for their hard work over the last few months, and I wanted to make it perfect. So I ventured into Haigh's to get some chocolate boxes with the exact milk-to-dark chocolate ratio's that the Yarno team requires.

Going in, I was sure I'd annoy the staff with my specialised request, as well as the customers waiting in line.

But instead of resistance, the Haigh's staff embraced the challenge, and had me walking out of there with 14 customised chocolate boxes without ruining a single person's day (a rarity for me).

And that's why Haigh's Chocolate are my EPIC CX case study for this week.

Mark Eggers

Mark Eggers

Mark heads up the Sales team at Yarno. He loves to chat, which is fortunate because he’s very good at it. He's our digital Swiss Army Knife, always armed with a solution to any problem.

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