New product release alert: enhancing the effectiveness of Yarno campaigns

Stephanie Price, 3 min read
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I am very excited to announce some big updates to the Yarno app to help admins enhance the effectiveness of Yarno campaigns. At Yarno we’re continually evolving our platform to meet our customers’ dynamic needs, ensuring that learning on Yarno is engaging, effective, and driving real business results.

Let’s dive into the details of our latest features: the confidence survey and enhanced campaign feedback.

Confidence survey: our new approach to measuring the impact of learning

The confidence survey feature introduces a new measure of learner confidence on campaign topics. It provides powerful additional data for measuring knowledge acquisition and campaign effectiveness.

Here's how it works:

  • Customisable statements: Admins craft relevant learning outcome statements that are shared with learners.
  • For example, “As of today, I am confident that I can create a secure password” or “As of today, I am confident that I can analyse customer needs and direct them to a relevant core product”
  • Learner participation: Before the campaign starts, learners rate their confidence on a scale of 1-5, reflecting their ability to apply knowledge in practical scenarios.
  • Post-campaign insights: Learners will be asked to complete the survey again after the campaign. These before-and after-surveys offer a powerful snapshot of how learner confidence has changed.
  • Dual confidence and performance reporting: After the campaign, admins can directly compare learner confidence on a particular topic to question performance on that topic. This combination of subjective survey data and objective question performance data provides powerful insights into how learners feel and perform on key topics.
Confidence survey

Why are we introducing a confidence survey?

Across 2022 and 2023, we reached out to our customers to understand what they’d like to see more of from Yarno. One clear theme that we identified was improved insights into learner performance and confidence—and that’s exactly what our confidence survey will provide. As Demi Lovato said (or sung), what’s wrong with being confident?

The confidence survey builds on our existing measures of campaign effectiveness, including primer uplift and question uplift (on embed campaigns)—but is the first measure that asks learners about their confidence levels on a topic.

Understanding learner confidence on a topic, especially when measuring this alongside other metrics like uplift and performance, adds a valuable new tool for judging campaign effectiveness, and can help determine the need for future learning on a campaign’s key topic areas.

Academic research has demonstrated the enduring link between self-confidence and performance, and we know that confidence impacts learner behaviour and learners’ perception of their own training requirements.

To read more about the confidence survey feature, and how it works in practice, check out the support article here.

Campaign feedback: generating more meaningful insights

Thanks for your feedback

Unlike Mr Burns, we take feedback very seriously at Yarno!

Our campaign feedback requests are all about gathering helpful, practical insights into how Yarno campaigns and the Yarno platform are working from the learner’s perspective. These insights can be used to guide future training plans, and are regularly reviewed by the Yarno team to inform new features for the Yarno product.

With our new changes, we're making it easier than ever to collect and act on learner insights. Key updates include:

  • In-app feedback requests: Immediately after finishing a campaign, learners will be prompted to provide feedback within the app, rather than via email. This will increase the quantity and quality of responses received.
  • Summary calculation: We are simplifying our feedback summary system, introducing a straightforward average calculation (replacing the Net Promoter Score system), which will enhance clarity for both learners and admins.
  • Additional learner insights: We’re adding a new feedback prompt asking learners what they would like to see in the future, to complement our existing question asking learners for insights on the campaign they’ve just finished. This will provide additional information into what learners are interested in.

Campaign feedback survey

To read more about campaign feedback in Yarno, check out the support article here.

This is all so exciting! What’s next?

We’re committed to enhancing the learning journey for both learners and admins alike.

After these recent changes to help admins measure learning effectiveness, we have an exciting update in the works to provide learners with more visibility of their progress over-time in Yarno.

Look forward to more news on this coming soon! 👀

Stephanie Price

Stephanie Price

Steph is our product manager extraordinaire. She's turning Yarno into a world-class product one feature at a time. She keeps us on track while hearing out our big, and even wild, ideas.

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