eBook: Human Side of Cyber case studies

Courtney Dutton, 1 min read

Rupert Evill is one of the coolest guys we know. His entire job is centred around finding and preventing cybercrime.

Fighting cybercrime is cool in and of itself, but what we like most about what Rupert does is that he breaks cyber security down into simple, manageable, and human-oriented steps. His approach means that cybersecurity isn't reserved for hackers sitting in dark rooms wearing hoodies - it's about small habits that can keep our data and business assets safe.

At Yarno, we're lucky enough to partner with Rupert and his business, EthicsInsight. As part of that partnership, we've put together an eBook going over some key cyber case studies that demonstrate how simple cybersecurity really can be.

What's in the eBook

This eBook summarises some of the key case studies from our Yarno Hyperlearning Experts Webinar hosted by Rupert Evill. The case studies discuss the following topics:

  • Social engineering: or how to manipulate people with just a few clicks of a keyboard.
  • More Borat than Bourne: cyber-espionage is not always so sophisticated.
  • Phishing: the good, the bad, the laughable.

If you're interested, head over to this link: https://www.yarno.com.au/try/cyber-ebook/

Courtney Dutton

Courtney Dutton

Courtney is a fact-finding expert, Instagram connoisseur and the only person we know who can write 1500 words and fix a fence in the same half hour.

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