The importance of low emission transport options

Mo Abdelrahman, 2 min read
Custom illustration of an electric car refuelling

Did you know the transport industry accounts for 17% of Australia's total carbon emissions?

It's a huge amount that could be reduced easily with a better approach to how we get around, and until we have a better national approach to incentivising zero-emission vehicles, we have much cleaner options already available to us!

Consider walking to your next lunch out, or riding your bike to the grocery store. If these aren't an option, regularly using buses and trains will help take hundreds of high-emissions vehicles off the road.

How do you think we can encourage broader adoption of low emission options?

Mo Abdelrahman

Mo Abdelrahman

Mo is the other half of Mark's sales team. Together they are team M&M, working, hustling, and chatting their way to the top of the sales-Olympics. 

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