What is gamification?

Erin McGee, 1 min read

One of the best parts of the Yarno platform is the fact that it’s fun.

Granted, everyone has their own idea of fun, but for a lot of us — we like a good challenge. And that's exactly what gamification brings to the table.

Gamification and its incorporation into e-learning have gained an incredibly popular following in recent years.

However, when you consider it a little further, aspects of the education experience have been gamified long before the introduction of computer and mobile based learning.

Remember earning points on the star chart at school? That was probably your first exposure to gamified learning.

Here’s a quick run-down of what it means in a more technical light.

Gamification is all about applying mechanics, tools and techniques used in game design (think scenarios, challenges, badges, scoring and rewards) throughout the learning process. This mode of training has the specific ability to improve the speed to retention, engagement, and quality of the learner's experience.

Some major benefits of incorporating gamification into e-learning (or any sort of learning, for that matter) include:

  • Increases learning retention. Learners can better and more quickly absorb and retain information when relating to it in a non-traditional context.
  • Long term retention has been found to increase by up to 10 times in comparison to traditional methods! Coupled with principles like active recall, spaced repetition and micro-learning, gamification proves to be a powerful influence.
  • Builds user engagement. The more enjoyable the activity, the more likely users are to consistently interact with the platform of their own accord. This drives intrinsic motivation and inspires curiosity, developing an especially successful and engaging experience.
  • Provides instant feedback. Through the use of real-time scoring, both the learner and mentor can use the data to track individual progress and be more transparent about performance measures and skills advancement.
Erin McGee

Erin McGee

Erin is an ever-trusty wordsmith and resident spreader of good vibes. You'll find her chatting up a storm in Mandarin, yelling kiai's at jujitsu and eating dark chocolate at 2pm sharp.

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