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Dale Shaw, 3 min read

Customer success is the cornerstone of the Yarno experience. We work closely with customers to ensure their Yarno campaigns hit the target of their learning gaps right in the bullseye.

This month, we sat down with one of our Customer Success Superheroes, Dale Shaw, to ask him some rapid fire questions on his role at Yarno.


Alright, first things first: how is customer ‘success’ different to customer ‘service’?

To me, customer service can be reactionary and short term, tending to a customer's needs once they come to you with a problem. Customer success is more long term, and focused on building relationships with your customers. We're helping them achieve value and growth through collaboration.

What does an average day look like for you in the world of customer success?

It's pretty busy! Customer success entails so many different activities, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. My day is entirely focused on working with our customers to achieve their business learning and development goals with Yarno. This encompasses several different activities, but the main ones are:

  • Planning out yearly campaign strategies
  • Workshopping topics for an upcoming campaign
  • Providing engagement reporting and suggestions during campaigns
  • Reporting against key metrics post-campaign
  • Running quarterly reviews analysing what we have achieved and how we can improve

Can you describe the process of finding solutions for customers?

Our process of finding solutions for our customers is highly collaborative. Our usual approach is running a workshop with our customers. In these workshops, they let us know an area of training they want to focus on. We take that area and use a tool called Action Mapping to dig into the topic. Part of this is identifying the underlying issues that we can address with microlearning and spaced repetition. We then work with our customers to design a campaign strategy, leveraging their existing training and communication channels to provide a holistic learning experience for our learners.

You’re providing such high-touch support to so many customers. How do you juggle it?!

Time management tools! This is absolutely crucial. We use Asana at Yarno to stay on top of all of our customer projects at a high level, but I also use Things to manage my day to day tasks. Being organised and on track is absolutely crucial as customer success requires being flexible and reactive to provide high-touch support when your customer needs it. If you're not organised, this is basically impossible! Working in such a fantastic and supportive team also helps; you won't find a Yarnoer who isn't willing to jump off the bench and help out.

What do you love most about your role?

Now this is an easy question! Building relationships with my customers and helping them achieve their goals. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you are making a real difference!

Dale Shaw

Dale Shaw

Dale is one of our customer success managers. At work and with customers he's very friendly, helpful and kind. In the world of Age of Empires, however, it's a very different story...

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