Measurement is integral to business success

Mo Abdelrahman, 1 min read
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Today, I want to introduce you to the first part of my MESH method series - the “M” which stands for measure. 

Measurement is integral to business success because, really, measurement is feedback.

How do you know if your safety initiatives are making a difference? Do you have the right KPIs in place?

Think about athletes. Athletes can't improve if they aren't beating their previous record. So, you can only know if you've succeeded or failed by comparing to past experiences.

While some say that comparison is the thief of joy, I believe comparison is your pathway to success.

In this video, I chat a bit about why I'm so passionate about measuring critical business metrics.

Mo Abdelrahman

Mo Abdelrahman

Mo is the other half of Mark's sales team. Together they are team M&M, working, hustling, and chatting their way to the top of the sales-Olympics. 

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