Hyperlearning experts webinar: Arabella Macpherson, executive leadership expert

Courtney Dutton, 1 min read

Finish 2020 the way you want to!

As Australia starts to relax COVID controls, other countries are back into lockdown. People across the world are uncertain about what will come next. This means that they’re not necessarily operating at their best. How do you connect with people and motivate them to be effective and resourceful when they’re stressed, worried and worn out? By skilfully connecting with them, motivating them and moving them from where they are to where you need them to be - all while reinforcing your relationship with them.

Join Arabella Macpherson from Resonate Communications as she shares with you the skills you need right now to finish 2020 strong. She will show you how to build instant rapport, influence people’s minds...on the unconscious level...and overcome their objections.

The webinar kicks off 28 October 2020, 1 PM AEDT.

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About the Host: Arabella Macpherson

Since 2007, Arabella has been coaching CEOs, senior executives and leadership teams from Macquarie Bank, eBay and AMEX to major Australia banks, law firms and members of the Australian Government. In addition to being an author, Arabella has co-written the communications section of Macquarie’s Global MBA and is certified in hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and NASA’s Process Communication Model.

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