Hyperlearning case study: the mighty All Blacks

Lachy Gray, 1 min read

Hyperlearning case study: the mighty All Blacks

This week's hyperlearning case study is the mighty All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team, described by many people (Aussies through gritted teeth) as the most successful sports team in history.

So what sets them apart?

1. They talk to the value of constantly practising, refining and receiving feedback - former captain Sean Fitzpatrick says "success is modest improvement, consistently done".

2. They believe in continuous improvement, at all levels - the organisation (looking to the next world cup), the team (selection, tapering, preparation), the individual (what can I do today to improve?).

3. They optimise their environment for success - they ask 'are the things around me helping me achieve success or holding me back?'

4. They use a beginner's mind - All Blacks coaches often visit teams in other sports to learn from them, to see what they do and how they do it with a view to incorporating the best bits.

5. At the end of each game, they have a debrief and everyone speaks. Not just the most senior or experienced players.

6. Their focus on character and humility, best embodied in their saying "Everyone sweeps the floors (in the change room.)" No one is too important or too senior to do the small things that need to be done.

Lachy Gray

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