10 of the best truckstops in Australia

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When driving long haul as a truck driver you're going to need to stop at some point – to refuel, eat and rest.

Under Chain of Responsibility and fatigue management law, you're required to take breaks throughout the day. So when you're planning your trip, why not plan your breaks at the best stops in Australia!

We found a few that you might like to check out on your next route.

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1. Golden Nugget Roadhouse – Gympie, QLD

Address:392 Bruce Hwy Gympie, Queensland

Opening hours:Open 24/7

What to write home about:Golden Nugget has all day breakfast — but if that’s not what you’re after, opt for the steak or their homestyle roast. This place looks like a log cabin and the staff is always friendly. Plus, there's plenty of room for trucks so you can stop for the night.

But be careful, it's easy to miss the turn off for this one!

When to stop:When you’re heading north from Brisbane, this is the place to stop.


2. Emmdale Roadhouse – Wilcannia, NSW

Address:15981 Barrier Hwy Wilcannia, New South Wales

Opening hours:7am - 8pm everyday

What to write home about:With showers, easy big rig access, good coffee and a huge steak sandwich, this stop is perfect. Most people stop for the food and fuel but keep coming back for the company.

When to stop:A bit west of the centre of NSW, Emmdale Roadhouse is a good pit stop when you’re driving across the state to Broken Hill.


3. Hell’s Gate Roadhouse – Nicholson, QLD

Address:Savannah Way (off National Highway 1) Nicholson, Queensland

Opening hours:7am - 8:30pm everyday

What to write home about:This roadhouse has all the usual suspects; a place to stay the night, food, drink, and fuel. It also has an airstrip – handy? It’s known for being friendly, having a mean Barra burger, and not too bad coffee.

When to stop:Around 2 hours away from the state border, stop here when you’re driving from North Queensland to the Northern Territory or vice versa.


4. The Milestone Cafe – Moorland, NSW

Address:99 Jericho Rd Moorland, New South Wales

Opening hours:7:30am - 10pm Sunday-FridayClosed on Saturday

What to write home about:This place has great burgers and lets you order in advance so you don’t have to waste any time. And while it is a cafe, there's plenty of room to stop, and 24hr fuel next door.

When to stop:About 3 hours north of Sydney and 6 hours south of Brisbane, stop here when you’re driving along the NSW coast.


5. Hattah Roadhouse – Hattah, VIC

Address:3478 Calder Hwy Hattah, Victoria

Opening hours:5:30am - 7pm, Monday-Friday7am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday

What to write home about:Great showers – always hot and always clean. The owner, Rob, is super friendly and they serve top notch coffee and burgers. This is the place to go to get your ideal truckie food when you don't want to hit up the big fast food chains.

When to stop:You may catch some people heading back from bike races, but don't stress — there’s room for big rigs too. Head here when heading up to Mildura or down the Calder Highway.


6. Jugiong Roadhouse – Jugiong, NSW

Address:Riverside Dr Jugiong, New South Wales

Opening hours:7:30am-10pm Monday-Thursday7:30am-9pm Friday8am-9pm Saturday and Sunday

What to write home about:Quiet, a little bit back from the road, and perfect for a good nights sleep. The coffee’s great and the prices are reasonable.

When to stop:On the road from Goulburn to Wagga Wagga, so a good place to stop off if you’re heading in that direction.


7. Fisher Park Truckstop – Maryvale, QLD

Address:9125 Cunningham Hwy Maryvale, Queensland

Opening hours:8am - 5pm, Monday-FridayClosed Saturday and Sunday

What to write home about:This truckstop isn’t open for long hours, but it’s good if you’re looking for home cooking and great showers. It has full driveway service and cheap fuel.

When to stop:Only an hour and a half out of Brisbane, come here when you’re heading inland toward the NSW border or to the city.


8. Caltex Road House – Yunta, SA

Address:18, Lot 18 Railway Terrace Yunta, South Australia

Opening hours:7am - 10:31pm (very specific, we know) everyday

What to write home about:This roadhouse is friendly and looks out for the community. Currently, they're participating in the campaign ‘Parma for a Farmer’, where they’re donating $1 from every parmy sold to buy bales for farmers suffering from the drought!

(For more info on the Parma for a Farmer campaign, check out their website).

When to stop:Close to the NSW border, stop here when you’re heading in or out of the state.


9. BP Kewdale Truckstop – Kewdale, WA

Address:549 Abernethy rd, Kewdale, Western Australia

Opening hours:Open 24/7

What to write home about:This truckstop really focuses on truckies. One may even say it was made for trucks to stop at. It gives you everything you could want after a long haul drive. There's plenty of room to refuel — both your truck and yourself.

When to stop:This stop is located near Perth airport, so it's the perfect stop at the end of a trip when heading into the city.


10. Coles Express Truckstop – Alice Springs, NT

Address:Libili St & Dalgety Rd Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Opening hours:6am - 10pm, Monday-Saturday7am - 9pm, Sunday

What to write home about:This stop has well priced fuel and plenty of room to stop. It’s on the edge of town so it makes stopping and shopping a breeze.

When to stop:Stop here whenever you’re heading through Alice Springs.


Have we missed your favourite?

We definitely haven’t listed all the good truckstops and roadhouse out there, so if you have any to add, let us know in the comments below!

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