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Yarno is a Telstra Best of Business Awards State Finalist!

We are delighted to announce that Yarno has been named a New South Wales State Finalist for Embracing Innovation in the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards.

Holly Eggers, 2 minute read
Holly Eggers
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The Buzz on Yarno

Is there a buzz in the air? That's right - we're buzzing with excitement about our new partnership with Rooftop Bees!

Ellie Doyle, 3 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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7 ways to create scannable training content: how to format text for the screen

When we read onscreen, we scan rather than carefully reading every word. Check out my 7 tips for formatting text to be more scan-friendly!

Jack Price, 4 minute read
Jack Price
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Tapping Into Great Content; Three ways to connect with the learner

When producing any form of content, it's important to think about how you are connecting with your reader. It's even more important when you're writing training content for a learner.

Jack Turner, 3 minute read
Jack Turner
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Seneca balancing books on his head

More LOL = More Learn III: all teachers are entertainers

Hello and welcome back: it's Part 3 of More LOL = More Learn presented by me, Mark, I-wish-I-was-a-comedian, Eggers. This time we're getting down to business: how can you use humour to make sure your learners keep learning?

Mark Eggers, 2 minute read
Mark Eggers
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How does More LOL = More Learn?

GIFs and memes are awesome. But not for the reasons you are probably thinking. I’m talking about gif’d up learning content here!

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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3 reasons reading books is cool, according to a self-proclaimed 'cool' reader

If you consider crossword-lovers cool, then I'm the coolest person ever. And, as a cool person, I want to explain why reading is cool.

Ellie Doyle, 5 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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Product release notes: October 2021

A quick update today, but I wanted to share an exciting new feature we've just added to the app!

Stephanie Price, 1 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Epic CX: Who Gives a Crap?

A hero in the time of toilet paper shortages, Who Gives a Crap has maintained their top-quality product, while delivering on their guarantee that no subscriber would run out of toilet paper.

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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Trust and communication are key to make remote work, work

Since Yarno went fully remote last year, I've learnt there are two pillars critical to success: trust and communication.

Lachy Gray, 1 minute read
Lachy Gray
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Not all gamification is created equal

All games are not equal - and this is exactly the same with "gamification".

Stephanie Price, 2 minute read
Stephanie Price
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Second-rate Service Stories: Why it's important to create positive customer experiences

In this instance, the company turned the blame for a poor job done back onto me - the customer! Not a great way to create raving fans of their business...

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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