Engage and upskill your remote workforce

Yarno's microlearning software platform is built for flexible learning. We embed business-critical information in just 3 minutes a day – for a more productive and more engaged remote workforce

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How Yarno can engage your remote teams

We're more than just a piece of software. We know time is your most valuable resource - so Yarno offers a complete end to end service to help get your training to your remote learners quickly. Want to manage the software yourself like a SAAS product? That's ok. Want support with learning content, video and graphics? We've got you covered.

Microlearning platform


Content creation

Content creation

Campaign management

Campaign management
"A significant number of workers were able to immediately apply their learning to the workplace situation, and demonstrate new behaviours on the job."

David McGuire

Mental Health Victoria

"The competitive nature of points and leader boards whilst at the heart of it the focus is on embedding learning - love it!"

A senior manager


Who we work with

We're only as good as our customers' results and are proud to work with Australia's most progressive companies.

Woolworths Group
Australia Post
Ron Finemore Transport
Supercheap Auto
Mental Health Victoria
Lowes Petroleum
Emerald Carrying Co.

Yarno can help you…

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Reach remote workforces

Connect with your employees wherever they are, and scale your training cost effectively with ease.

Build a culture of learning

Help your employees discover new ways to learn, inspired by knowledge sharing and enabled by technology.

Prove learning ROI

Learning is an investment, not an expense. Demonstrate a return on this investment by aligning learning results with business objectives.

Spark conversations

Get your employees talking about training. Keep knowledge fresh by keeping the peer-to-peer conversations going.

Embed and reinforce training

Reinforce knowledge over time and expose employees to new skills and ideas progressively, with spacing and questioning in between.

Reduce costs

Spend less time and money keeping up with training requirements and change employee behaviour in 2 minutes a day.

The learning science behind Yarno


Makes learning quick and flexible

Better learning happens when it’s easy to digest. So, think of microlearning as your information probiotic. Short bursts of learning delivered over time not only holds our attention but works to embed and strengthen knowledge, helping fight the forgetting curve.


Makes learning fun
game console

We love learning, but sometimes it’s just not exciting. Through game principles like scoring, achievements and friendly competition, we found that not only did learner performance, improvement and participation in training increase, but learners were asking for more!

Spaced repetition

Makes learning stick
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It takes more than a day to make learning stick, so we don’t try to ask that of our learners. Instead, we repeat questions to give learners a chance to make mistakes, try again, reinforce the information, and build an understanding that will last longer than the final question.

We'd love to chat about how Yarno can benefit your business

Mark, our Head of Sales, will organise a no-obligation call with you to understand your business and any training challenges you’re facing. Too easy.