Meet Harold

Retail Team Member

  • Loves chatting to customers
  • Finds recommending products easy
  • Aiming towards Assistant Store Manager


It’s uni holidays and Harry’s on his way to his part-time job at Sporty McSports.


He heads to the Yarno app and gets stuck into the quiz. Since he’s new, he levels up with some extra training to show he’s keen, and gets a 10x streak added to his badges.


People stream into Sporty McSports for some last minute Christmas shopping. The store is buzzing and Harold’s run off his feet answering questions about cricket bats, pads and shoes. Luckily he’s been levelling up with Yarno and is able to keep his cool.


Harold’s manager notices his sales have soared. Not only that, he’s top of the leaderboard and a role model for new team members already. He rewards him with a store voucher for his massive efforts!

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