Meet Claudia

L&D Manager

  • Creates totally original content
  • Loves seeing learners engaged
  • Finds training distributed staff challenging


Claudia clicks play on Spotify’s Soul radio station and hops on the bus. She’s in a great mood since finding out that engagement is up by 5%!


Claudia loves getting into all the Yarno campaigns, so she finds a few minutes spare on her commute to play side-by-side with the learners.


Using the admin dashboard, she reviewed how well her team retained knowledge from a recent face-to-face training course. With Yarno, Claudia is given the ability to focus her training efforts on the areas learners need the most.


Claudia and Kelly have been getting active, and doing daily power-walks in place of sit-down meetings. Since financial product training is complex, Kelly works closely with Claudia to define her team's individual learning needs based on how they’re doing with Yarno.


Today’s the day: the company-wide meeting! Claudia submitted 3 Yarno high-achievers to the General Manager, who rewards them with vouchers for their commitment to learning.

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