Meet Kelly

Finance Manager

  • Cares about reputation and liability whilst still hitting revenue targets
  • Wants to increase her staff's knowledge around products and policies that are constantly changing
  • Wants professional staff that can learn and retain information whilst still having fun


Kelly takes a quick time out for a cup of tea. She remembers her Yarno quiz and answers her questions, scotch finger in hand.


She reviews her team’s performance and notices Farnam at the top of the leaderboard. Mary, on the other hand, seems to be struggling in a few areas.


Kelly and Claudia head out of the office and down to the park, where they flag high achievers like Farnam for leadership training, and note team members that need more coaching.


Kelly sits down with Mary to review her Yarno performance and set out a plan for her to get back on track with her product training. From Kelly’s coaching session, Mary feels confident that she’s headed for improvement.

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