Meet Tracey

Compliance Officer

  • Gives compliance advice across projects
  • Reports back to key decision makers
  • Has great relationships with site managers


With a few minutes to spare before the train arrives, Tracey logs into Yarno and answers her questions for the day.


She breezes through the quiz and jumps a few places up the leaderboard. Only two months into learning with Yarno and Tracey’s the company leader in risk!


She heads over to the job site to meet Gary for their quarterly compliance review. Gary explains that his team are receiving the training, loving it and incidents are at an all-time low.


After a quick bite to eat, Tracey uses Yarno’s dashboard to export key data to share with Angela, the CEO, at their afternoon meeting. Learner engagement, performance and knowledge retention will help her prove ROI of the safety campaign.


She tells Angela the good news about low safety incidents, and updates her on employee engagement using data from the Yarno dashboard.

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