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Greg Wala
Yarno is the perfect way to get key product information out to every staff member, in every retailer.
Brian Hamilton Managing Director
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Sikkens are committed to providing their customers with the very best in professional woodcare coating systems. They have been tried and tested in Australian conditions since 1973 and used by building experts throughout Australia and the world.

The challenge

Sikkens engaged Yarno in an attempt to solve two key challenges: that Bunnings team members rarely recommend Sikkens products to customers, and that most team members have poor Sikkens product knowledge.

At the time, Sikkens training was only delivered in-aisle to Bunnings team members. It′s felt that the impact of this training is minimal since:

  • Only a few team members can be trained at any one time
  • It′s difficult to reach all Bunnings locations due to the number and geographic separation of stores
  • Team members may move between departments, which can result in lost Woodcare knowledge
  • Due to the nature of retail shift scheduling, it′s difficult and often costly to organise in-person training that reaches all team members

Mobile training for retail staff seemed like the perfect option to solve Sikkens′ challenges. So how′d we do it?

By using Yarno, I found myself recommending Sikkens products to customers more often.

Harold, Retail Worker

How we tackled it

We partnered with Sikkens to run a product knowledge campaign for Bunnings Warehouse Paint Aisle team members across Australia. The campaign ran for 4 weeks, and 87 team members in 43 teams took part.

2017 Bunnings Expo

Every year, Bunnings holds a series of expos for staff across Australia. Sikkens signed team members up in four locations.

After each expo, every person that signed up was sent a personalised email that explained a little more about Yarno, built excitement around the campaign and communicated the next steps.

Secret shoppers

Since the main goal of the campaign was to get Bunnings staff to recommend Sikkens products and communicate their value to customers, the project team engaged secret shoppers to gather primary data on the behaviour of employees.

This way, we reduced bias by reporting on a random selection of stores and advice received from employees.

Secret shoppers visited the stores both pre and post campaign and uncovered two major highlights:


Without training, no staff are recommending Sikkens products, indeed some are actively discouraging customers from purchasing.


Staff who were trained all recommended Sikkens products, without prompting, and encouraged the customer to purchase.

Learners took part in a daily 5 minute burst of microlearning spanning a range of topics; from Sikkens product knowledge to application and FAQ′s.

The results

The goals that Sikkens and the Yarno team set were achieved – Bunnings staff were recommending Sikkens products to customers. Further than that though, managers gained valuable insight into the knowledge and behaviour of their teams, and the way they interacted with customers.

80% Question completion
70% Learner participation
+16% Performance increase

Within the Yarno platform, the results were impressive. After the four weeks, primer performance increased by 8%, and question performance by a massive 16%!

Learners were engaged and gave feedback on the content and the campaign. In a post-campaign survey, 68% of respondents said they′d be extremely likely to recommend this campaign to a colleague.

Business impact

7% Increase in
overall Sikkens sales
2% Increase in
prep-product sales

The ultimate goal of a Yarno campaign is to change employee behaviours, and by doing so, make a measurable impact on the business.

Sikkens′ first campaign was a success – sales of Sikkens products in Bunnings stores between August 2017 and January 2018 rose by an impressive 7%. Further, Sikkens observed a 2% or 100% increase of movement in the prep-product category!

The strong results make the Yarno team so excited to continue working with Sikkens to strengthen their brand within retailers and in households across Australia.

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