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Yarno created a real buzz around the office
Dan Walsh, National L&D Manager
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For over a quarter of a century, Mortgage Choice has been helping everyday Australians afford the things that matter to them - their first home, a new car, starting a business or travelling the world.

The challenge

Before partnering with Yarno, new hires at the Mortgage Choice Head Office in sunny North Sydney faced an uphill battle trying to find their feet in a new company

Fresh-faced employees would sit through a 'meet n greet' with department heads and managers, followed by a 4-hour face-to-face induction with the L&D team.

The day of hellos and pleasantries served as a good overview of the company. Except sometimes, new hires struggled with remembering and applying their new knowledge in their roles, and importantly, figuring out the culture.

As a constantly growing company with big goals for the future, Mortgage Choice knew they had to make some changes to make their onboarding process a little more awesome.

Yarno Amanda Consultant
It's been
overwhelmingly fun

Amanda Ray, L&D Consultant

How we tackled it

Together the L&D department and Joel, our Head of Content, rolled up their sleeves to distil onboarding concepts and takeaways into knowledge-packed Yarno quizzes.

They developed a 7-week campaign for 44 recent and new starters across 11 teams.

But before any of that - we had to set Mortgage Choice up for success.

Introducing a new piece of software to a workplace can't be done half-heartedly. People need to know what it is, how it works, and most importantly: why they're using it.

Yarno Pilot snapshot

We knew most people hadn't encountered a learning experience like Yarno.

So we created a detailed communication plan that set out what Mortgage Choice wanted their new hires to know, think, and do differently as a result of the Yarno campaign - and how these goals would be communicated to learners. A kickoff event was also held at Mortgage Choice so learners were in the Yar-know (along with a webinar for those that couldn't make it).

Let the games begin!

Learners took part in a daily
5 minute burst of microlearning
spanning a range of topics; from
company history, to strategy
products and processes.
Yarno Example Question

Learners monitored their score, streaks and performance on their personalised dashboard, as well as how they were stacking up next to their fellow new recruits.

Yarno was a hot topic of conversation around the office due to one particular feature - the anonymised leaderboard! Mortgage Choice opted to configure the learner dashboards without names to allow new hires the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, without adding excess competitive pressure into the mix.

Yarno Example Leaderboard Example of anonymised leaderboard

Each morning learners would discuss how they answered their Yarno questions. And, of course, some friendly competition unfolded as learners attempted to figure out (and overtake) whoever was ahead of them on the leaderboard.

Eventually, the buzz spread right around the office - staff that weren't on the pilot were even wondering what all the fuss was about, with some even asking whether they could get involved too!

The results

88% of all questions asked were answered
16% performance improvement over 6 weeks
60% liked Yarno better than other training

Overall, the onboarding pilot was a success!

All of the learning objectives for the pilot developed by L&D and Yarno were achieved.

In the short term, Mortgage Choice has seen:

  • an improvement in employee knowledge,
  • increased confidence, and
  • a culture of learning grow within their organisation.

Discovering knowledge gaps (especially among company veterans) was a huge benefit as L&D was able to take targeted steps to close them.

The long term business impact of an improvement in the onboarding process will be realised when, ideally, Mortgage Choice's engagement rate increases and turnover rate declines.

If there's any area worth going the extra mile, it's building the best team possible. Mortgage Choice have shown that investing in the knowledge of their team from the very beginning produces results, and we're super proud to have helped them make it possible.

If you're keen to hear more about our approach to setting up new starters for success through learning, please get in touch. We love a chat!

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