Presenting...The Yarno Content Creation Principles

Joel Smith, 2 min read

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you're back in high-school.


“Okay class, please have a seat. I have bad news and good news: we’re having a pop-quiz today…”




“But it’s multiple choice!”


Why was the news that an exam would be multiple choice always received as such relief? The answer is because multiple choice exams were easy. We could usually coast through to a passing mark without much study (and sometimes, no study at all!).


And so we grew up understanding that multiple choice was the little cousin of the real, grown up ways of measuring knowledge and critical thinking. 

Fast forward to 2016...

Yarno v1 has not gone all according to plan. Undaunted, Mark and Lachy are in the books, figuring out their next go, when — the research catalyses: 

Finding 1:
Businesses need better methods to reinforce training in a fun, time-efficient way.

Finding 2:
Properly written multiple choice can promote and measure critical thinking. 


[Cut to — Creation Montage: 🕝🤨🤔💆🏼‍♂️🕠…😃!  ✍🏼 📐📏🥵☕🕛…]

Eureka! Yarno is born, and the littlest cousin of testing finally gets its day in the sun.

Multiple Choice V2 — The Yarno Question

Fast forward to 2021...


Over the last five years we’ve obviously served a lot of questions, and refined our skill writing them to a keen, gleaming edge. 

And in doing so, have more importantly achieved empirical results for our customers time after time, demonstrating that multiple choice is no slouch, but indeed a powerful force, when wielded with considered skill.

But I would go even further, and say that we have actually elevated multiple choice as a medium. Bold claim? Perhaps...

While we’ve posted a lot in those five years about the principles of how to create multiple choice questions, we’ve never really lifted the curtain on ALL we’ve learned about our content creation process.

Well, that changes today!

Without further ado, I’m pleased to present the The Yarno Content Creation Principles– A comprehensive distillation of the current context, strategy and tactics that we use to create Yarno content.

Joel Smith

Joel Smith

Joel is a content king and he writes some pretty mean questions too. Oh, and he's an Apple power user extraordinaire.

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