What's a hyperlearning organisation?

Lachy Gray, 1 min read

What's a hyperlearning organisation?

Can you get your remote teams on the same page in <48 hours? Hyper learning organisations can.

They're able to adapt and thrive in changing circumstances. A hyper learning organisation is a mindset - to continually develop and evolve understanding, mindset and skills. It fosters an environment that gives learners autonomy, focuses on personal growth and mastery and challenges and supports staff.

They're fast - fast to innovate, fast to grow and fast to have an impact in their community and they're smart - they're curious and open to feedback and willing to change off the back of it.


  • Have high employee engagement
  • Are obsessed about improving
  • Attract humble passionate leaders serving as stewards - blend extreme personal humility with intense professional will
  • Foster strong purposeful cultures with cultural fit-based hiring
  • Encourage the giving and receiving of feedback

The Fast & Smart Method (still a work in progress) to work towards becoming a hyperlearning organisation:

  • Align: What's in it for learners? How do they benefit? What does success look like? Are managers engaged and bought in?
  • Incentivise : How do we motivate people? Ideally intrinsic over extrinsic. Environment is key
  • Communicate: Get a network effect going, use social proof to get learners talking and want to get involved
  • Microlearning: Communicate and embed key messaging in small bite-sized chunks. Revisit and refresh knowledge and understanding over time.
  • Feedback loop: Commitment to regularly giving and receiving feedback. Mechanism to facilitate this.

How do I know if we're a hyperlearning organisation?

  • Do you engage and align people at all levels in the organisation?
  • Do you communicate with context?
  • Do you consider the power of incentives?
  • Do you have a consistent way to communicate with everyone in the organisation?
  • Can you make your learning stick?
  • Can you retain quality staff?
  • Do you encourage continuous feedback?

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